Steadfast the Lamp

Centuries-old customs are alive and well in Steadfast the Lamp!

Steadfast the Lamp

Fusing cultures requires a delicate balance for newlyweds Hindu Mohan and Christian Karen. Necessity moves the young couple from Cleveland, Ohio to Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh, South India. Sights and sounds come alive as the reader moves about the vibrant countryside. Cultures of the orthodox Hindu come to life in seldom-viewed, rich, provocative rituals, including Seemanthum.

This fascinating love story also transports the reader to vibrant Tirupati, Kancheepurum and Calcutta’s Kalipuja.

The newlyweds strive to protect their love as Nobel prize-winner Rabindranath Tagore said in his poem Gitanjoli – “steadfast the lamp burns, sheltered from the wind.

The joys and sorrows of an average family reveal more than average love and caring. A gripping tale.

What others are saying about Steadfast the Lamp

A very beautifully written story which demonstrates the author's deep understanding of the cultural differences between East and West and how pure love can transcend them. As an Indian settled in the US, I could relate to the nuances expressed by the author while dealing with the thought processes of the characters molded by their respective cultures. The language is flowery but lucid. A very captivating novel written in exquisite detail.
— Ravi Gutala, San Jose, California
Jane Richardson has captured most of Indian lifestyles, mentalities and mannerisms so well.
— Sarala Bhatt, Marlboro, New Jersey
India's spectacular ancient architecture is vividly portrayed. Steadfast returned me to this exotic land. I again watched the rice grow, smelled spices, and thrilled to fascinating sights while learning about various cultures. An exciting, informative fast-moving book.
— M.R. Immormino, Architect, Cleveland, Ohio
Another world-class novel ... A beautifully poignant love story. This is a story you don’t want to end.
— G. Wyckoff, Author, New York

ISBN 1-879403-11-0. Casebound book, 5.5 x 8.5, 288 pages, $24.95.

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